Interview mit Don.J Cosplay und Nils

Im Kino kommt der Joker in vielen verschiedenen Formen. Zwei der bekanntesten Versionen verkörpern Don.J Cosplay und Nils, die ich auf der Comic Con in Frankfurt treffen konnte. Beide teilen die gleiche Leidenschaft für DC Comics beliebtesten Schurken.
Interview mit Don.J Cosplay
Interview mit Nils


Interview mit Harley Pie Cosplay

Auf der German Comic Con in Frankfurt hatte ich Gelegenheit, die bezaubernde Harley Pie Cosplay zu treffen. Elvira - Herrscherin der Dunkelheit ist aber nur einer ihrer Charaktere in einer Reihe von ungewöhnlichen Cosplays.
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German Comic Con Frankfurt 2017

Last Saturday the guys and me took a quick trip to Frankfurt to meet Christopher Lambert and the cast of Gotham at the German Comic Con. As always you will meet a lot of lovely cosplayers and see tons of geeky stuff to buy. When you get tired from walking around take a break and play some vintage games.
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Unboxing Miles Morales Spider-Man Kotobukiya ArtFX+

In this video I will take a look at the Miles Morales Spider-Man from the Kotobukiya ArtFX+. The guy is also known as Ultimate Spider-Man because he is from the Ultimate Marvel Universe. The figure itself is fine but is unable to stand without the magnetic base. Sadly the base is getting scratched very easily and seems to loose paint just after a few days of normal use. This is not something I expect from a company as Kotobukiya.
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Tokyo Travel - Akihabara Endless Heaven

For a non-Japanese, many things are strange and unusual in Japan, but Akihabara is even more different. Maybe you've heard about it or seen pictures, but this is a place you have to experience. It's incredible. Named as »Electric Town« by the Japanese, Akihabara has everything you can imagine in new and old electrical appliances. Other shops have specialized in accessories or retro computer games.
At the same time, Akihabara is a popular meeting place for anime and manga fans, the so - called Otaku. In this shopping district, they will also find everything the heart desires. There are countless small shops for manga, cosplay accessories, model making and maid cafes. Buying second-hand toys is also very easy. There are many special locations for that. Some of them even on several floors.
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Unboxing Iron Man Mark XLV Diecast by Hot Toys

In this video I will show you the Iron Man Mark XLV from Hoy Toys. It is a full posable version of Iron Man as seen in the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron. It comes with a full set of batteries to light up the eyes, the chest and the hands.
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Unboxing Crimson by Flirty Girl Collectibles (Bianca Beauchamp)

In this video I will show a figurine of the character »Crimson« from the live-action web-series »Heroes of the North«
It is a 1:6 collectible figure based on the Canadian glamour and fetish model Bianca Beauchamp.
The figure was made by Flirty Girls Collectibles.

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Unboxing Hornet by Flirty Girl Collectibles (Marie-Claude Bourbonnais)

In this video I will show a figurine of the character »Hornet« from the live-action web-series »Heroes of the North«
It is a 1:6 collectible figure based on the Canadian glamour and cosplay model Marie-Claude Bourbonnais.
The figure was made by Flirty Girls Collectibles.

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Unboxing Witchblade - Masane Amaha by Kotobukiya

In this video I will show you a figure of the anime Witchblade made by Kotobukiya a few years ago. It is not a new item but found it on ebay for a reasonable price and I knew I had to buy it.
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witchblade by kotobukiya

Iron Man 2 - Custom Ironette Dancer with Phicen Body

In this video I will show you how the create a custom Ironette dancer as seen in the movie Iron Man 2. All you need is the red and gold cheerleading dress from Super Duck and a female body from Phicen. I picked a body with a stainless steel skeleton because the body parts are very easy to move unlike the Phicen bodies with the plastic skeleton. The neck joint of a body will always tell you which kind of skeleton you are dealing with. I also went with the large bust option but that is up to your personal taste. Finally, you need a head to match your taste. I choose a head with long blonde hair. Putting the clothes on the rubber body is not easy and can take some time. You better be careful and patient. In the end you will get a great Ironette figure you can not buy in any shop. She fits perfectly with any Iron Man figure from Hot Toys. A great addition for any Iron Man collector.
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custom ironette phicen body