Hane-Ame 雨波 Azur Lane St. Louis Cosplay Photo Photobook

If you like beautiful busty girls with blue hair you came to the right place. It is the new photobook from the beautiful Hane-Ame 雨波. This time she is cosplaying as St. Louis from the video game and anime AzurLane. I ordered this photobook some weeks ago and I went for the ultra-deluxe-edition! So I will not only get a book but some nice goodies too. Also included are some printed photos and a 3D Mouse Pad.

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I can't believe the talented and beautiful Hane-Ame 雨波 commented on my videos on YouTube. Something like that just doesn't happen to small content creators like me. What did I do to deserve this?


Released 2021-04-15
Tags: Cosplay, Anime, Hane-Ame 雨波, HaneAme

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