Interview with cosplayer Cheryl aka Whoanerdalert

Please introduce yourself. Where do you come from and how old are you?
My name is Cheryl aka Whoanerdalert. I am a cosplayer from Southern California in the USA.

At what age did you start with the Cosplay and what made you do it?
I started cosplaying only last year. I actually started because I really hated how cheap and bad Halloween costumes were, so I decided to make my own. I had so much fun doing it, I wanted to do it more. I found out there was a whole world of people who do it all the time. So that’s how my cosplaying began.

How do you choose the characters for your cosplay and which have you already done?
Sometimes I choose them because they were my childhood favorites, or someone I’ve related to at some point. But sometimes I do characters for my fans or friends as well.

Your pictures always look very professional. Do you work with professional photographers?
I do ! 90% of my shots are taken by my incredibly talented boyfriend Dylan, aka Krypticframes. I do shoots with other photographers as well, just the majority are done by him.

What was your best experience as a cosplayer so far?
So far it’s been the overwhelming kindness and support I’ve received from the community. I really love all the people I’ve met and the fun I’ve had with them.

Do you have any bad experiences with cosplaying?
Honestly, the only bad things in cosplay would be the cost of it ( it’s an expensive hobby ) as well and the rude comments on social media or at cons once in a while. But nothing I cant handle. I just try not to take them to heart.

Are you doing your costumes yourself?
I make some myself, and some i have made by more talented people then myself. I always give them credit on my photos if you’re interested in seeing who has made them in the past for me.

Are you doing cosplay on conventions? Where could one see you?
I do cosplay at conventions. I normally list my next convention on my instagram bio. Currently I don’t have any planned but it can always change.

What do you do when you're not cosplaying? Do you still have a day job?
I definitely have a day job. Cosplay is just a fun hobby for me. I work in sales, have a daughter, and a husky that keep me pretty busy outside of cosplay.

What are your future plans or your greatest dreams?
Honesty Cosplay is fun , for me , but not a career so I don’t have any goals in that aspect. If I were to have some goals in cosplay, it would be to get better at making things myself, sewing and armor building, as well as traveling to cons outside California more.

Do you think social media like Twitter and Facebook is important for cosplayers?
I think it’s important if you want to get your name out there and noticed. Just always remember when you put yourself out there to the public you have to be prepared for the positive and the negative.

Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans and followers?
I just want to thank them so much for being so incredibly supportive and awesome! I really appreciate my followers and the things they do for me . They rock and I adore them !

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All photos taken by Krypticframes

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