Unboxing Witchblade - Masane Amaha by Kotobukiya

In this video I will show you a figure of the anime Witchblade made by Kotobukiya a few years ago. It is not a new item but found it on ebay for a reasonable price and I knew I had to buy it.
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witchblade by kotobukiya

Iron Man 2 - Custom Ironette Dancer with Phicen Body

In this video I will show you how the create a custom Ironette dancer as seen in the movie Iron Man 2. All you need is the red and gold cheerleading dress from Super Duck and a female body from Phicen. I picked a body with a stainless steel skeleton because the body parts are very easy to move unlike the Phicen bodies with the plastic skeleton. The neck joint of a body will always tell you which kind of skeleton you are dealing with. I also went with the large bust option but that is up to your personal taste. Finally, you need a head to match your taste. I choose a head with long blonde hair. Putting the clothes on the rubber body is not easy and can take some time. You better be careful and patient. In the end you will get a great Ironette figure you can not buy in any shop. She fits perfectly with any Iron Man figure from Hot Toys. A great addition for any Iron Man collector.
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custom ironette phicen body

Unboxing Classic Marvel Figurine Collection by Eaglemoss

In this unboxing video I will show you some more items from my latest treasure hunt at the latest Comic Con. Some figures from the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection by Eaglemoss.
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Interview with cosplayer Bunny Rose

I did my first ever interview with the beautiful and talented cosplayer Bunny Rose
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interview with cosplayer bunny rose

Unboxing Star Trek Norway Class by Eaglemoss

In this video I will show you to Norway Class starship from the Star Trek Starship Collection by Eaglemoss. It is one of the items I found at the latest Comic Convention.
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Unboxing The Amazing Spider-Man Kotobukiya ArtFX+

In this video I will show you a figure of the amazing Spider-Man. He is the latest addition to the ArtFX+ series form Kotobukiya In the last few years Kotobukiya already released some figures based on Superheroes from Marvel and DC Comics and this Spider-Man fits just perfectly. In fact there will be a complete line of Spider-Men and Spider-Man related characters.
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the amazing spider man kotobukiya

Unboxing Air Gear: Noyamano Ringo - Hentai Version

In this video I will show you a figure of Noyamano Ringo from the anime »Air Gear«. As you can see Ringo doesn’t wear much clothing because it is the special hentai version. The figure was made by the Japanese company Q-SIX.
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Air Gear- Noyamano Ringo - Hentai Version

Unboxing Celia Cumani Aintree - Bikini Version - Q-Six

In this video I will show you Celia Cumani Aintree. She is one of the pretty girls from the game/manga/anime »Walkure Romanze«. I know the Japanese people love to use german words in names and song lyrics but I can assure you there are no valkyrie in this anime. And there is only a little bit of romance.Still this Celia figure is a special kind of girl since you can remove her bikini. Underneath you will find all the curves an anime lover will dream of. The figure was made by the Japanese company Q-SIX.
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Celia Cumani Aintree Walkure Romanze

Unboxing Emma Frost White Costume Kotobukiya ArtFX+ Statue - SDCC 2016 Exclusive

In this video I will show you Emma Frost from the Kotobukiya ARTFX+ series. I made a video of the same figure before but this is the special edition white version. It was a little bit hard to find since it is limited to only 2000 pieces.
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Emma Frost White Costume ArtFX+ Statue - SDCC 2016 Exclusive

German Comic Con Dortmund 2016

german flag header
Am ersten Wochenende im Dezember ging die german Comic Con in Dortmund in die zweite Runde.
english flag header
On the first weekend of December, the German Comic Con went to the second round in Dortmund.

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German Comic Con Dortmund 2016