Unboxing Scarlet Witch - Age of Ultron - Movie Masterpiece Series by Hot Toys

In this video I will show you another figure from Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece series.
It is the Scarlet Witch from the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron. In the movie Scarlet Witch is portrayed by the american actress Elizabeth Olsen and the Hot Toys Scarlet Witch looks a lot like her.
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Hot Toys Scarlet Witch

Scandal - Live in Amsterdam

The Japanese all-girl rock band »Scandal« came all the way from Osaka to perform a few gigs in Europe.
It all started last Saturday at the Melkweg in Amsterdam with an amazing show.
The band played many songs from their latest album »
Yellow« but also included all time classics »Doll«, »Scandal Baby« and »Everybody Say Yeah«

Spectators with a VIP-Ticket got early entry and a »Hi-Touch« from all four band members and a free poster.
Thanks so much for allowing us to take photos during the show!
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Scandal live in Amsterdam

01. Room No.7
02. Stamp!
03. Your song (English Version)
04. Onegai Navigation
06. Sunday Drive
07. Konya wa Pizza Party
08. DOLL
09. Sisters
10. Morning Sun
11. Take Me Out
12. Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne
15. Taiyou Scandalous
16. Image
17. Chiisana Honoo

18. Shoujo S

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III Diecast Comparison

Over the last years the company Hot Toys released a lot of Iron Man figures and almost each iteration got better in details and quality. Recently Hot Toys released another Iron Man Mark III armor. They did so already after the first Iron Man was released. But the new version is Diecast metal while the first version was all plastic and rubber. In this video I will show you some differences between the two Iron Men. If you look at them closely it is hard to believe they were made by the same company.
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Iron Man

Unboxing Iron Man Mark III Diecast - Movie Masterpiece Series by Hot Toys

Hot Toys released a new Iron Man Mark III. And this time it is a heavy die-cast metal.

Iron Man Diecast Version by Hot Toys

Unboxing Catwoman - DC Comics Cover Girls

In this video we will take a look at the gorgeous Catwoman featuring her sexy costume from the DC Comics New 52.
She is another statue from the DC Comics Cover Girls series and was sculpted By Sam Greenwell.
The statue measures approximately 10.125" high.

Catwoman had her first appearance in Batman #1 in 1940.
She was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.
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Catwoman by DC Comic Cover Girls

Unboxing Power Girl - DC Comics Cover Girls

DC Collectibles continues their Cover Girls line with Power Girl also know as Kara Zor-L.
She is the cousin of DC's hero Superman, but from an alternative universe.
Power Girl was introduced in 1976 in All Star Comics #58 and created by Gerry Conway, Ric Estrada and Wally Wood.

The statue is individually numbered and limited to 5,200 units.
She stands about 10-inches tall and was designed by Stanley »Artgerm« Lau and sculpted by Jack Mathews.
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Powergirl by DC Comic Cover Girls

Unboxing Triage X - Yuko Sagiri Figure (Dark Version) by OrchidSeed

In this video I will show you Yuko Sagiri from the Anime and Manga »Triage X«

Yuko Sagiri

This figure was made by the Japanese company »OrchidSeed«

Unboxing Iron Legion - Avengers Age of Ultron - Movie Masterpiece Series by Hot Toys

In this video I will show you the Iron Legion drone from the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron

It was made by the Hong Kong based Company Hot Toys but you will ofter find this kind of figure under the brand name Sideshow. Sideshow is one of the main distributors outside china.

Iron Legion Drone

Unboxing Eaglemoss Star Trek USS Defiant NX-74205

In this video I will show you a modell of the starship Defiant from the TV show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
It is another modell made by the the UK-based publishing company Eaglemoss Collections.

USS Defiant by Eaglemoss

Queen and Adam Lambert, RheinEnergieSTADION

german flag
Nach einer erfolgreichen Tournee durch die Hallen Europas im letzten Jahr kehrten Queen mit Adam Lambert für ein Open Air Konzert nach Deutschland zurück.
Werbung für die Veranstaltung gab es im Vorfeld wenig und freie Plätze im RheinEnergieSTADION somit nicht überraschend. Kurzentschlossene, die an der Abendkasse ein Ticket hätten kaufen können, hatte vermutlich das schlechte Wetter abgeschreckt.

Trotz Regen spielten Queen und Adam Lambert professionell und gut gelaunt. Die Band präsentierte ihre Hits von
Radio Gaga bis hin zu Another One Bites the Dust. Bohemian Rhapsody durfte Adam Lambert nicht komplett singen. Zu diesem Stück wurden Videoaufnahmen von Freddy Mercury eingespielt. Bei Under Pressure wurde der wenige Monate zuvor verstorbene David Bowie eingeblendet. Beides sorgte beim Publikum für Begeisterung.

Queen und Adam Lambert lieferten eine makellose Show, die erst spät am Abend endete. Trotzdem bekam man den Eindruck, das Konzert wäre aufgrund des schlechten Wetters verkürzt worden. Im Jahr zuvor sang Roger Taylor das von ihm geschrieben Stück
Kind of Magic. Bei Konzert in Stadion wurde darauf verzichtet. Kurz vor Mitternacht wurden die Zuschauer, durchnässt aber zufrieden, von der Band verabschiedet.
english flag
After a successful tour through the halls of Europe last year Queen and Adam Lambert returned for a single open air concert to Germany. There was little promotion for this event and free seats at the RheinEnergieStadion thus not surprising. At the box office, there were still tickets but more viewers probably were afraid of the bad weather.

Despite Rain Queen and Adam Lambert played professionally and in good spirits. The band presented their hits of
Radio Gaga to Another One Bites the Dust. Adam Lambert did not sing the complete Bohemian Rhapsody. For this piece of video footage of Freddy Mercury were shown. With Under Pressure a picture the recently deceased David Bowie was shown. Both causing enthusiasm in the audience.

Queen and Adam Lambert gave a flawless show, which ended late in the evening. Nevertheless one got the impression that the concert had been shortened due to bad weather. The year before Roger Taylor sang the piece
KInd of Magic. At the concert in the stadium, the song was not played. Shortly before midnight the band left the soaked but satisfied viewers.

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Brian May