Unboxing Iron Legion - Avengers Age of Ultron - Movie Masterpiece Series by Hot Toys

In this box we will find an Iron Legion drone from the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron

It was made by the Hong Kong based Company Hot Toys
but you will ofter find this kind of figure under the brand name Sideshow.
Sideshow is one of the main distributors outside china.

This guy is not just another Iron Man since there is no man inside this time.
Instead it is a remote unit controlled by Tony Stark super computer JARVIS.

In the comics Tony Stark had a few remote controlled Iron Man suits but never any kind of robot that looked like this.
The blue and white color scheme is also something new.

Like all Hot Toys Iron Man it comes with a set of batteries to light up the chest, the eyes and the repulsor rays in the hands.
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