Unboxing Eaglemoss Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC 1701-C

Here we have another one of the Eaglemoss Star Trek starships. This time it is the Enterprise NCC 1701-C.
The ship was always a fan-favorite but it appeared on tv only once. It was the episode „Yesterdays Enterprise“ from Star Trek The Next Generation.
The ship is part metal and part plastic. Its not too light and it will sit on the base perfectly. It is a real beauty with amazing details. You can even count the windows if you want to.Not all Eaglemoss Starships are this good. It is not too big but also not expensive. Too bad it is not all metall.
Like all Eaglemoss Starships this Enterprise comes with a magazin that will give yousome information about the ship and the production of the tv show.There are also some computer generated images of the ship and a picture of something that looks like an early prototype.

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