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Mysterious NieR Automata: 2B Lingerie Figure

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Now, lemme tell you, this place was like something straight out of a movie. It looked like a pawn shop, but there was zero order or structure. It was a jumble of strange items from all over the world, just scattered all over the place. There were so many shelves loaded with all sorts of stuff; it would've taken me years to see it all. But then, something catches my eye, and I just had to know. So, I turn to the owner and ask, "Who's that girl over there? You know, between the Chinese dragon and Bruce Lee."

Silver Whip - Rei Homare Art Works Statue, 32 cm

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Greetings my friends! This time I have a sexy and ecchi anime figure I want to show you. A figure I know nothing about. But still it was love on first sight. Her name is »Rei Homare Silver Whip«. Whatever that means. She is not your typical anime girlfriend. No short skirt. No school uniform. To be completely honest with you, she doesn't wear much at all.
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Hed's unboxing of Reika Shimohira from GANTZ:O - PVC Statue

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I have got a package from China. And that is how many sad stories begin. A few months again I ordered a figure of the beautiful Reika from the series GANTZ. At that time I thought it would be a brilliant idea. I just had finished watching one of the movies. But when the package was delivered to me it was totally beaten up. Could the figure be any worse?
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Hed's unboxing of Iron Lady by X Faction - NSFW - Female Iron Man PVC Statue - Toy Review

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I was browsing the internet looking for new Iron Man merchandise when I came by a very unusual figure. It was not an Iron Man but a woman and of some reason she wasn't even fully dressed. It is the Iron Lady. But not the former British Prime Minister.
Anyway, in this video I will review it for you. I hope you will have some fun.
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Venus Berlin 2019 - Report

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We had no idea what to expect in Berlin. To meet the stars and starlets of the erotic industry was at the top of our wish list. It would be unfair to mention only a few names, because all girls were sympathetic and open-hearted. We just didn't know many of them yet. Only Lia Leone and Lucy Cat I wanted to meet.
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