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Unboxing Hot Toys - Pepper Potts - Rescue Suit - MMS538D32 - Diecast - Avengers Endgame

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It is good to be back! Because once again I have another Hot Toys figure I want to show you. It is Petter Potts in her Rescue suit from the movie »Avengers : Endgame« And once again I had to wait a long time to get this figure. Like all the latest figures from the Iron Man line this Rescue looks amazing. I also should mention that once again this is a die-cast figure.It really is a big improvement in quality. If you look at Hot Toys figures from 10 years ago they are very different.
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Hed's unboxing of Iron Lady by X Faction - NSFW - Female Iron Man PVC Statue - Toy Review

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I was browsing the internet looking for new Iron Man merchandise when I came by a very unusual figure. It was not an Iron Man but a woman and of some reason she wasn't even fully dressed. It is the Iron Lady. But not the former British Prime Minister.
Anyway, in this video I will review it for you. I hope you will have some fun.
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