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Hane-Ame 雨波 Unboxing Videos

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Once again, HaneAme commented on one of my videos! I am beyond ecstatic and deeply honored that she took the time to leave a comment on my unboxing video. Her cosplay work has been a lot of joy for me to me. Her attention to detail and creativity in bringing characters from anime, manga, and video games to life is truly remarkable. Thank you so much for your support, HaneAme!
If you haven't seen the video yet you better do now!

Hane-Ame 雨波 Christmas Special

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Today, I've got something special -- the Hane-Ame 雨波 Christmas unboxing extravaganza! Let's unwrap this treasure trove. The box itself is a masterpiece, and inside, we've got a keychain, a 2024 calendar featuring Hane-Ame, a festive Christmas card and some nice photobooks.

Hane-Ame 雨波 Cosplay

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I hope you all having a wonderful time. If you like cosplay you came to the right place. It is that time of the year again and I got a package from my favourite cosplayer. The beautiful HaneAme. And it looks like she send me some really spicy stuff this time. In a pretty red box.
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