Play a round of Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale in Tokyo

Von Natalie

In the feature film Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale you can see Kirito and Co. at many famous places in Tokyo, which are worth visiting!

The first boss battle of Ordinal Scale leads directly to one of the main destinations for every anime fan, Akihabara! The fight took place there near the UDX building. You can reach it easily via the Electric Town Exit of the Akihabara Station and then straight on via the forecourt.

In this building are, like almost everywhere in Akihabara, anime shops and even a few cafés. Only one cross street away is the famous Chuo Street, where one anime shop follows the next. Here you can find almost everything that makes an anime heart beat faster. But a tip from me, don't buy everything in the first shop, but compare the prices in the many shops. This is worthwhile in any case, because I could discover very strong price differences.

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In the second fight, Asuna and Klein meet at Yoyogi 1st High School (Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyôgijô). This famous sports hall/arena is used for many sports events, but also for concerts. Across the street is the Yoyogi Park. Here the fight takes place at the entrance.

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The next day Kirito and Asuna meet in front of the park. At a small kiosk, which also really exists. You can reach it by walking along the road on the side of Yoyogi 1st High School.

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If you visit Yoyogi Park, also make a detour to Meji Shrine and the infamous Takeshita Street. You should definitely try the creps there.

Yebisu Garden Place

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The third fight takes place on the Central Square of Yebisu Garden Place. This corner is a bit less known to tourists, but also worth a visit. Especially if you like beer! Because this is the birthplace of Yebisu Beer and of course there is the Yebisu Beer Museum. But there are other things to discover here. The architecture there is very beautiful and reminds a bit of France. On the restaurant floor of the Yebisu Garden Place Tower you can enjoy a free view of the Tokyo skyline, as the floor also serves as an observatory. Or you can watch the latest movie at the Yebisu Garden Cinema.

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Tokyo Dome City

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The fight where Sinon is involved takes place at Tokyo Dome. Around the stadium you can discover a lot. For one thing, as you can see in the movie, there is a Ferris wheel and a roller coaster that leads over a shopping center. Both attractions belong to the Tokyo Dome City, an amusement park directly in Tokyo. There you can either buy a day ticket for all attractions or single tickets if you only want to go on the Ferris Wheel, for example. From the Ferris Wheel you can see the Tokyo Skytree!

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The small shopping street that Kirito runs to is also worth a visit. There is a souvenir shop, a Sega game center and an anime pop-up store, which offers merchandise for popular series.

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Japan National Stadium

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The final fight took place in the new Japan National Stadium, which unfortunately cannot be completely true. At the time of this film, the stadium was still under construction.

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Now the sightseeing tour through Tokyo can begin. Only the Augma with the game Ordinal Scale is still missing.

Here are a few more places that are only shown briefly in the movie.

Game Center ADORES in Ikebukuro

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Shinjuku Kabukicho with the view of the Gozilla head

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The Tomin Hiroba (Citizen's Plaza) in front of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

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