Unboxing Star Trek Norway Class by Eaglemoss

In this video I will show you to Norway Class starship from the Star Trek Starship Collection by Eaglemoss. It is one of the items I found at the latest Comic Convention.
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Unboxing Star Trek Eaglemoss Norway Class

Unboxing The Amazing Spider-Man Kotobukiya ArtFX+

In this video I will show you a figure of the amazing Spider-Man. He is the latest addition to the ArtFX+ series form Kotobukiya In the last few years Kotobukiya already released some figures based on Superheroes from Marvel and DC Comics and this Spider-Man fits just perfectly. In fact there will be a complete line of Spider-Men and Spider-Man related characters.
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the amazing spider man kotobukiya

Unboxing Air Gear: Noyamano Ringo - Hentai Version

In this video I will show you a figure of Noyamano Ringo from the anime »Air Gear«. As you can see Ringo doesn’t wear much clothing because it is the special hentai version. The figure was made by the Japanese company Q-SIX.
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Air Gear- Noyamano Ringo - Hentai Version