Hed’s unboxing of Masterpiece - A CD from Japanese Rock Band Scandal スキャンダル - マスターピース

In this video I will show you the latest CD single of the Japanese all girl rock band Scandal.
It is called »Masterpiece« and it is the first release since the four girls created their own label called »her«.
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Hed's unboxing and review of Watanabe Risa 渡邉 理佐 Keyakizaka46 1. Photo Book - Mu-Kuch!

In this video I will show you the first photobook of Watanabe Risa, a singer of the Japanese Idol Group Keyakizaka46.
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Tokyo Travel - Over the Rainbow Bridge to Odaiba

In this video I take you on a trip over the Rainbow Bridge to the island of Odaiba.
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Over the Rainbow Bridge to Odaiba

Lovebites concert experience - Live at Zelle Carl Essen

After their appearance at the Open Air Festival in Wacken, the group returned to Germany in autumn 2018 for additional concerts. Among other places to Essen, to the Zeche Carl, in the heart of the Ruhr area.
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Lovebites concert experience - Live at Zelle Carl Essen

Tokyo Travel - A Rainy Night in Akihabara

I guess you all have seen pictures and videos from Akihabara before. Always sunshine with blue sky and happy people everywhere.Well, as you can imagine it is not always like that. When we arrived in Tokyo it was already evening and the rain didn't want to stop.But the bad weather did not stop us from going straight to Akihabara anyway. Because it is always a good place to be.
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Tokyo Travel - A Rainy Night in Akihabara

Hed's unboxing Ono Haruna 小野春菜 Photo Book - Somewhere - Scandal スキャンダル

This time I got something very special to show you. It is the photo book »Somewhere« from Ono Haruna 小野春菜. She is the lead singer of the Japanese all girl rock band Scandal スキャンダル and I am a big fan for her and the band. This book supposed to document Harunas trip to the South and we got a lot of pictures of her swimming in the ocean. Also some images of Haruna eating and drinking in some beautiful dresses.
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Hed's Hanura photo book Somewhere

Tokyo Travel - A Trip to Akihabara - Photo Gallery

Finally I found a way to include my flickr photo albums in this website. The first things I want to show today are pictures from my trip to Akihabara, Tokyo.
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Sign of Akihabara Subway Station

Tokyo Travel - Along Sumida River - From Asakusabashi to Asakusa

It's been over a year since I've been in Japan, but not all of my videos have been edited yet. Most people probably think that Tokyo is a crowded metropolis, which never comes to rest, but the Japanese capital has other sides. There are many quiet districts with parks and temples where you can't feel the hectic pace of the big city. Our accommodation was in Asakusabashi, very close to the river Sumida and therefore ideal for a morning walk along the waterfront.
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Tokyo Travel Along the Sumida River video

Tokyo Travel - Akihabara Endless Heaven

For a non-Japanese, many things are strange and unusual in Japan, but Akihabara is even more different. Maybe you've heard about it or seen pictures, but this is a place you have to experience. It's incredible. Named as »Electric Town« by the Japanese, Akihabara has everything you can imagine in new and old electrical appliances. Other shops have specialized in accessories or retro computer games.
At the same time, Akihabara is a popular meeting place for anime and manga fans, the so - called Otaku. In this shopping district, they will also find everything the heart desires. There are countless small shops for manga, cosplay accessories, model making and maid cafes. Buying second-hand toys is also very easy. There are many special locations for that. Some of them even on several floors.
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Akihabara Endless Heaven Travel Video

Unboxing Akihabara Gashapon

In this video I will show you some Gashapon I took home from Tokyo, Japan. Gashapon are little capsules filled with many different kinds of small toys. Vending machines with Gashapon are very popular in Tokyo since you will find them everywhere. But the best place to go is the district of Akihabara. Gashapon toys cost between 200 to 500 Yen. Some are cute, some are nice. And some are crazy beyond belief.

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Unboxing Akihabara Gashapon

Tokyo Travel - Nezu Shrine

In this video we will visit the peaceful Nezu Shrine in the heart of Tokyo. Follow the tunnel of red Torii gates up the hill and enjoy the view.
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tokyo nezu shrine

Tokyo Travel - Akihabara, Skytree, Shibuya Crossing, Budokan

Back home from Japan. I tried hard to squeeze as much Tokyo as possible in this first video.
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Here are some things you will see
  • Skytree
  • Asakusa and Sensō-ji Temple
  • Shibuya Crossing and Tower Records
  • Budokan
  • Nezu Shrine
  • Kappabashi Street (Kitchen Town)
  • Akihabara

tokyo skyline view in the morning